Terms & Conditions

Collection of Information

Whenever you use our services, our travel agents collect your personal information, information may be collected either through affiliated entities, third-party sources, or business partners. Information is collected purely for travel and booking purposes only and not for any other services.

Users’ information collected can include any of the following:

1. Contact Information

2. Name and Address

3. Email and postal address

4. For billing and payment-credit card number, billing address

5. Device information like IP address

6. Information about your itinerary preferences, travel plans, etc.

We may also collect information about your location or direction/ share with third parties for completing your online bookings/ offering you with content/ for analysing our travel services with the concerned parties. You can change your privacy setting anytime if you are not interested in sharing your location or other information.

Use of Information

We may avail your personal information for the following services:

1. Complete your online flight booking

2. Improve our travel services

3. Provide you with regular updates of our services, affiliates

4. Communicating with you/users/representatives and the concerned parties

5. Allowing you to take part in our services, reward programs, events, and related promotions

6. Customize and elevate your travel experiences through our travel experiences

7. Troubleshoot a travel problem and resolve other issues while booking your flights with our services

8. Prohibit and avoid any unlawful activities that can restrict our travel services

Sharing of Information

We may use/transfer/distribute any or all of the information collected to third parties/partners to complete our services. All these parties have already complied with our travel protocols. We share information to facilitate our travel services like completing online reservations, online transactions, booking flight tickets, and more services. Our third party may also be involved in our travel services for collecting, operating, and advertising travel services that may be of interest to you.

Prohibited Activities

The content and information contained here on this site are exclusive to us only. You are restricted to make any publication, promotion, distribution, alter, any part of our content when you are availing of our travel services. You are also prohibited from:

1. Using any information on this site for commercial purpose

2. Copy any part of the site content without our consent

3. Infringe or breach the privacy policy that may restrict us from distributing our travel services

4. Violate the service that makes us liable for extra charges